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    Red Fruit Juice That You Should Drink For Health and Fitness

    When we’re out to buy something new we always want to know that we buy the best that’s available. That’s also true for juicers. If you want to purchase the best juicer of 2018 there is then the easiest approach is to look through juicer reviews. This will give you the confidence that you purchase the right juice extractor. Nobody can be an expert in everything so if you can’t invest the time to become a juicer expert then it’s best if you check out what others have to say about specific juicers. This will be of tremendous help to find the top quality juicing machine you can get.

    Once you had bought a top quality juicer, then here the some of the healthiest fruit juice you can have.

    Strawberry Juice

    I love fresh local strawberries in the summertime and fresh frozen in the wintertime. For some reason I don’t use them in cooking. My favorite sundae is a strawberry sundae but I’m not that fond of strawberry ice cream. Go figure! A favorite family summertime dessert is angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whipping cream. Of course, it’s easy to have the same tasty dessert in wintertime with fresh frozen strawberries that have been thawed.

    We have a small strawberry bed on the side of our house but we usually buy our strawberries from a local farm or grocery store. The first strawberries of the season are imported from California and then they are available from local Vancouver Island farms in the late summer months. I don’t think I’ve ever seen organic strawberries either locally or imported or know if there is such a thing.

    When I was growing up we ate a lot of strawberries, as there is always a plentiful supply in the summertime. My parents always had a strawberry patch or grew strawberries in containers. They still have a few strawberry plants but they often travel to a farm in Cumberland on Vancouver Island. This local farm has the most delicious and tasty large strawberries I have ever tasted.

    Red Raspberries Juice

    I have a thing for raspberry everything except fresh raspberries. I actually prefer fresh strawberries to fresh raspberries. I have raspberry bushes along our back fence that the previous owners of our home planted. I usually mix the fresh raspberries with strawberries or freeze them for winter to have with angel food cake and whipping cream.

    If we have a bumper crop of raspberries, I always make my favorite Raspberry Cream Pie. Our company always loves it and it’s a good way to use up our raspberries. The Raspberry Cream Pie doesn’t last long as it’s made of delicious Cool Whip, raspberry jello, and raspberries folded into a pressed graham wafer pie crust.

    I absolutely love raspberry jam and use it in many recipes and at one time I made my own raspberry jam. My hubby loves strawberry jam but my children always preferred raspberry jam. Now that my children have moved out to their own homes, I don’t have to worry about any of my favorite raspberry jam disappearing. I very seldom buy raspberries as they are very expensive and the quality is often poor. We can buy raspberries by the basket or the case like strawberries locally. Occasionally, imported raspberries are available by the basket.

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    What are the top benefits of essential oil

    There are many essential oils uses that people have found when mixing various fragrance oils together. In fact essential oils have been used for thousands of years until now. Over time people have discovered more and more uses for these oils, both for healing purposes as well as for enjoying the lovely scents that various essential oil mixes could create.

    Essential oils for Massage

    One of the most popular uses of essential oils is in massage due to three main reasons:

    • As they enter the skin pores with ease, they leaving behind their therapeutic properties of each oil, which are only enhanced when several relevant oils are mixed in a powerful blend. Once they entered the skin tissue, the oils spread through the entire system.
    • Added to this is the great benefit that massage offers by itself. For example faster strokes by the masseuse will invigorate, while slower movements relax the body and calm the mind.
    • Yet another benefit is the inhalation of these oils, which invariably happens during the massage session.

    When making your essential oil blends for massage, always mix the oils with carrier oils, since the pure oils are very potent. Never use essential oils on the skin by themselves. Personally I only use lavender oil on small places on my skin on small cuts, scratches, burns or mosquito bites. If you are not a massage practitioner, you can still enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy massage by using the essential oils for rubbing on various place of the body. Some of the most popular areas are: face massage for anti-aging properties, head, neck and shoulder massage for stress relief, foot massage, back massage (to a partner) and hands massage to rejuvenate tired hands.

    For Inhalation

    Maybe the easiest and most widespread essential oils uses are those that involve inhalation in one way or another. Very popular are the various aromatic diffusers and oil burners. Diffusers are a bit more expensive, but they last longer. I initially started with a cheap oil burner.

    The way burners work is by filling the bowl on the top with water and adding to it a few drops of your favorite essential oil or blend of oils. Underneath the bowl there is a small place for adding a tea-light candle. As the candle burns, the water in the bowl gets warm, evaporates and the oil starts diffusing in the air as well.

    When it comes to diffusers, there are many different types of the market, with the most popular ones being electrical diffusers. Currently my favorite one (which is quite cheap compared to some others on the market) is the Mony Aroma/Essntial Oil Diffuser (I have the pink one). You can learn more about essential oil diffusers here: http://www.bestthermometers.co.uk/best-essential-oil-diffusers-in-uk/

    When Meditating

    essential oil diffusers UKAromatherapy meditation is a great way to relax, unwind and de-stress after a hard day at work. It is not difficult to get started, especially if you have already tried meditation. All you need is the right atmosphere, which can be easily done with essential oils, an oil burner and a soft meditation cushion on which to sit down for your meditation session.

    You can also sit on a comfortable chair, but make sure that your spine is erect, your legs are straight with the feet on the floor and you don’t cross your legs. That is not only bad for circulation, but it’s not helping in meditation.

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    Lower Ab Workout – The Dangers of Fad Dieting for Lower Abs

    Okay, so maybe you were watching an infomercial because you couldn’t sleep last night and you came across one for this miracle diet to help you get flat abs, and you’re thinking about going for it. Before you dial that one eight hundred number, you should think about things first, however. These diets are called “fad” diets because they are usually quickly made up and quickly lost to the next one, and there are some real dangers involved with using fad dieting for obtaining lower abs.

    Puffy Midsection
    Fad diets often require you to cut several hundred calories a day, or eat only one or two certain types of foods a day for several weeks in order to get the flat lower abs you’ve always wanted (according to them). What is dangerous about this is that cutting calories that significantly can be harmful to the body. Also, eating the same food for days will not only get boring to you so that you will likely end up dropping it, but it can also be unhealthy, in that a lack of fiber and water can cause your midsection to be puffy, not sculpted. If you are doing wrong heavy exercise then this may also cause problem. You don’t need lot of equipment for building a good lower abs, all you need is an ab wheel roller and a good diet. In this article we will also be discussing how you can choose best ab wheel roller in 2018.

    Cutting your calorie count significantly can not only cause you to look puffy, but also to be very weak. This weakness can be due to loss of muscle because the body cannot distinguish from burning off fat or calories when calories are cut to a certain extent. It can also be due to numerous other health problems that can be a result of fad dieting. If you feel weak, you will be both less willing to work out to build muscle for your abs and unable to continue with your diet because you will feel so ill.

    Lower Muscle Build
    There is one very important thing that using fad dieting to build lower abs muscles and lose midsection weight can do against your efforts, and this is causing you to build less muscle that you always have. If you intend to exercise and work out your lower abs muscles, you need to be well fed and nutritiously. Otherwise, the body may consume your muscles to make up for the drastic calorie cutting and you won’t have the energy required to build them back up again. It is very important that you cut fad dieting out of your life if you wish to build lower abs muscles.

    Unhealthy Overall
    Fad dieting can cause bad health overall in your body as well, which is completely counter-productive to gaining the sexy set of lower abs you’ve always wanted. The puffy midsection we mentioned earlier can be due to too much salt and not enough water or fiber to help move it out. A diet that is lacking in fiber means constipation and any number of digestive problems. Some fad diets have even been known to lead to severe dehydration, or malnutrition because liquids are the only things that are allowed. It is so important to use your common sense and stay away from fad dieting to get lower abs.

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    Why You Must Buy a Rowing Machine For Body Fitness

    If you are looking for a full body workout, one which will blast your upper and lower body and have you losing fat and toning up your body quickly then it’s got to be a rowing machines. A good rowing machine provides an efficient, effective, low-impact workout that utilizes all the major muscle groups, including the back, legs, arms, abdominals and buttocks. It is also one of the best exercises for building a strong back, as well as one of the most effective low-impact aerobic exercises for increasing your metabolism. As a result, you can efficiently burn calories and fat without impacting your joints.

    Rowing machines provide a great all encompassing workout for your body. The great thing about rowing machines is that they will enable you to tackle two objectives in one workout. The first would be the fat burning, cardiovascular, aerobic workout. It may surprise you to learn that rowing is the number one exercise for those people who wish to increase aerobic fitness. Not only that, if you workout with Indoor Rowing Machines or ergometers, not only will you have increased cardiovascular fitness, but you’ll benefit, too, from increased muscle mass in the upper, as well as lower body.

    Because rowing machine is an impact-free activity, it can be a lifelong form of exercise. It is always best to exercise in your target heart rate zone (70 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate). There are many good brands of rowing machines available in UK including bodycraft rowing machine,ACT,AFP,Cardio Kids rowing machine,Concept2 rowing machine, Kettler Rowing Machine, Phoenix rowing machine, ProForm rowing machine, Stamina rowing machine,Tunturi rowing machine and Water rowing machine. If you are looking for the top rowing machines in UK, then continue reading this article. We will be discussing in details as how you can choose the right rowing machine for you fitness routine.


    What is a Rowing Machine

    rowing machine 2018A rowing machine also known as indoor rower is an fitness equipment that stimulate the action of watercraft rowing. A rowing machine can be said to your body’s best friend. It is a particularly balanced form of training which exercises all the main muscle groups and increases personal stamina and endurance. Rowing machines engage all the muscles of the body and is often cited as the most effective full body cardio training movement. With little pressure on the joints, rowers work the legs, hips and glutes with each stroke.

    Rowing machines can seem like a very punishing elliptical workout but it is worth your effort. While other cardiovascular equipment solely focuses on a number of areas of your body, a rowing machine builds your muscles happening all areas. This includes your arms, legs, back and torso. It moreover lessens your blow on your joints unlike approximately other forms of aerobic and cardiovascular routines.

    Choosing the best rowing machine in 2018

    All indoor rowing machines are ready for home use, but not all indoor rowing machines are ready to be used commercially in gyms, health clubs, and boathouses. Rowing machines come in different types of resistance systems that include air, magnetic, hydraulic piston and water. All these types of rowing machine have unique benefits and features that individual who row will find useful, depending on their individual requirements.

    The air rowing machine uses a fan for resistance that is completely variable to how much effort you are putting into it. While effective and realistic to actual rowing, the downside to air machines is that they can get very noisy.

    The reason for increased upper body development is due to the demands made purely by the physical action that rowing entails, unlike treadmills, stair-climbing equipment and exercise bikes, all of which concentrate to a greater extent on the lower body, as well as the cardiovascular system. Typically, the work-load distribution of using indoor rowing machines is 75% leg-work and 25% upper body.

    One of the greatest benefits of indoor rowing machines is the distinct advantage of an all-over aerobic work-out using only one piece of equipment minus, of course, the skeletal trauma inflicted by running outdoors and treadmills. Thankfully, however, this is not the case with indoor rowing machines.

    If you’re considering purchasing an indoor rowing machine, here’s a quick breakdown of the kinds of indoor rowing machines you can expect to find in the shops and online, together with the price you might expect to pay.

    Basically, there are four categories of indoor rowing machine.

    These are:

    • Piston (hydraulic) or cylinder-based rowing machines
    • Flywheel rowing machines
    • Magnetic resistance indoor rowing machines
    • Water rowing machines

    Hydraulic Rowing Machines

    A hydraulic rowing machine is an excellent option for those with limited space, or where budget is a concern. These rowers are tensioned by air or fluid contained within a cylinder or piston that can be adjusted to increase the degree of resistance. The disadvantage of hydraulic rowing machines is that the exercise position does not allow you to assume a natural rowing stance. Therefore, syncronization between arms and legs is somewhat unnatural.

    Flywheel Rowing Machines

    The Concept 2 indoor rowing machines (or Concept II) is probably the most popular flywheel air rowing machine as used by fitness enthusiasts and health clubs thoughout the world. The Concept 2 is also used in rowing competitions all over the world, including the Worlds’ Indoor Rowing Championships and European Indoor Championships.

    Flywheel or air Indoor Rowing Machines offers the closest simulation to outdoor rowing. With these rowers, resistance comes from the pulling motion. To increase the resistance you simply pull harder and greater wind resistance is provided from the fan blades. Compared to hydraulic rowing machines, flywheel or air rowers provide a smoother rowing stroke.