Choosing the right patio set in UK

Each year Jenny and I try to buy something new for our home garden and backyard. We have already added a couple of raised bed gardens, planted a new rhubarb patch and two strawberry patches. Now we’re checking out new patio set to beautify the patio area. The patio set we’ve had forever has chairs with arm rests, which can be great but I like having my buddies over for a couple of drinks and some guitar jammin’. The thing is we can’t use the chairs with our old patio set because of the arm rests. So the first thing our new patio set has to have is chairs without them. Jenny never liked us taking her kitchen chairs out to the patio anyways.

The first patio set I saw that caught my attention was a cast aluminum set that looks just like cast iron. It brought back some great childhood memories but it only had two chairs and we need a set with at least four chairs.  Jenny didn’t have those same childhood memories so she has other ideas. We had no idea there is such a wide variety of patio sets. We would like to avoid buy any plastic, even if it has been recycled and haven’t found any wooden patio sets without arm rests but we have only just started looking.

Finding the right patio set for you in 2018

Since every individual has their own tastes and preferences, there’s no “one size fits all” patio set, but we will in this article discuss the  variety of different patio furniture that you can choose to beautify your patio. Combining different patio stones, brick pavers and stone steps is a great way to create a custom landscape design and add value to your exterior landscaping. Keep the various materials in the same color range for a continuous, free flowing, expansive look.

This sunken patio with a conversation area off of the main patio has great appeal. You could also incorporate these landscape ideas to make a nice brick driveway design that transitions to a patio area off of the house. The combination of paver stones and curving brick pavers helps to define the areas. And doesn’t this conversation set with red cushions look perfect! Bright contrasting cushions give the seating area lots of pizazz.

Apart from furniture you will also need heaters to keep yourself warm in cold winters. You can opt for nice design patio heaters to beautify your  backyard along with providing necessary heat to keep you and your surroundings warm.  There are different types of patio  heaters available in UK, for a detailed guide check this article. For indoor heating you can opt for oil filled radiators that are more economical and efficient. Oil filled radiators are also environmental friendly.

Furnishing your patio with the right furniture

Patio Set

Want inspiration for a small patio design? From modern patios to traditional with Old World charm, there’s plenty of unique small patio ideas here for you with great concepts and designs to make your area look more spacious. There’s great patio conversation areas and furniture too. They should give you plenty of inspiration and I have included recommended patio furniture for small areas.

Blissful Zen-like stone patio that has an in-ground water pond with exotic tropical plants creating a relaxing oasis for contemplation. The stone pavers are in square and rectangular shapes for added interest. It’s located in a city garden and has an eclectic modern, yet Japanese quality. The secluded and serene atmosphere invites guests to sit down on one of the garden benches and enjoy the enchanting pond. The flowering potted tree between the benches adds extra color and charm. There’s also a wood trellis off to the side for added seating.

Asymmetric backyard layout that has lots of appeal for gardeners and big family get togethers. The custom teak benches are placed at the front of the flower garden and the elbow placement gives the overall backyard an atypical look. The winding garden path leading to the storage shed adds interest. The home owners decided they wanted to sit out and enjoy the front yard, so they built a patio that steps down to another level with walkway. Square and rectangular tiles in blue grey were used which juxtapose nicely with the circular lines of the patio and details around the steps that were designed to display the fountain.

This colorful and vivacious corner sofa unit, with Turquoise cushions and Espresso Brown Wicker, offers lots of options in configurations. This modular set has comfy 6 inch thick cushions and the design offers a lot of versatility in terms of a variety of placement of furniture pieces. If you’re looking for a unique small patio seating arrangement then this popular unit might be the one for you. Other cushions colors available.

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