Lower Ab Workout – The Dangers of Fad Dieting for Lower Abs

Okay, so maybe you were watching an infomercial because you couldn’t sleep last night and you came across one for this miracle diet to help you get flat abs, and you’re thinking about going for it. Before you dial that one eight hundred number, you should think about things first, however. These diets are called “fad” diets because they are usually quickly made up and quickly lost to the next one, and there are some real dangers involved with using fad dieting for obtaining lower abs.

Puffy Midsection
Fad diets often require you to cut several hundred calories a day, or eat only one or two certain types of foods a day for several weeks in order to get the flat lower abs you’ve always wanted (according to them). What is dangerous about this is that cutting calories that significantly can be harmful to the body. Also, eating the same food for days will not only get boring to you so that you will likely end up dropping it, but it can also be unhealthy, in that a lack of fiber and water can cause your midsection to be puffy, not sculpted. If you are doing wrong heavy exercise then this may also cause problem. You don’t need lot of equipment for building a good lower abs, all you need is an ab wheel roller and a good diet. In this article we will also be discussing how you can choose best ab wheel roller in 2018.

Cutting your calorie count significantly can not only cause you to look puffy, but also to be very weak. This weakness can be due to loss of muscle because the body cannot distinguish from burning off fat or calories when calories are cut to a certain extent. It can also be due to numerous other health problems that can be a result of fad dieting. If you feel weak, you will be both less willing to work out to build muscle for your abs and unable to continue with your diet because you will feel so ill.

Lower Muscle Build
There is one very important thing that using fad dieting to build lower abs muscles and lose midsection weight can do against your efforts, and this is causing you to build less muscle that you always have. If you intend to exercise and work out your lower abs muscles, you need to be well fed and nutritiously. Otherwise, the body may consume your muscles to make up for the drastic calorie cutting and you won’t have the energy required to build them back up again. It is very important that you cut fad dieting out of your life if you wish to build lower abs muscles.

Unhealthy Overall
Fad dieting can cause bad health overall in your body as well, which is completely counter-productive to gaining the sexy set of lower abs you’ve always wanted. The puffy midsection we mentioned earlier can be due to too much salt and not enough water or fiber to help move it out. A diet that is lacking in fiber means constipation and any number of digestive problems. Some fad diets have even been known to lead to severe dehydration, or malnutrition because liquids are the only things that are allowed. It is so important to use your common sense and stay away from fad dieting to get lower abs.

Why You Should Buy an Ab Wheel Roller

Ab Wheel rollers in UKAb wheel rollers are great inexpensive fitness equipment that can be very helpful for building both your core muscles as well as abs and other parts of your body. It is an small wheel with a handle on both side to assist in performing abdominal exercises. Some ab rollers have single wheel, while others have dual wheel for better stability.  The center of ab wheel roller has a spring or mechanism, to allow the individuals to effortlessly roll forward, back or sideways, while applying tension.

Many people who have bought this equipment are disappointed and feel they didn’t got any result. But that’s not the fault of this machine rather the way most people use it.  The truth is that no ab roller wheel can do those things. Reducing body fat comes about as a result of sustained cardiovascular exercise and a sensible nutritional program.  An ab roller works more than just your abdominal muscles. It also tones your back, legs, shoulders, arms and wrists. By varying the exercises you do, you can achieve a full body work-out. Here are different exercisers you can perform with Ab wheel roller:

  • Ab Wheel Plank
  • Knee Roll-Out
  • Wide-Stance Front Roll-Out
  • Narrow-Stance Front Roll-Out

Ab wheel roller cones in a range of types and sizes and getting the best from the rest might be tasking. As much as the sellers provide a lot of information, the best thing to do is to find out more information from past users. if you are looking for something popular and good to use then this ab roller is meant for you. this wide ab roller comes with quality handles which had been ergonomically made to improve your workout experience when using this roller.  When you are buying these rollers, make sure that you consider checking the wheel types that are used on a roller you are planning to purchase. Before you arrive at the market, it is essential to note that there are two wheel types of ab rollers that are well known for their stability.


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