Red Fruit Juice That You Should Drink For Health and Fitness

When we’re out to buy something new we always want to know that we buy the best that’s available. That’s also true for juicers. If you want to purchase the best juicer of 2018 there is then the easiest approach is to look through juicer reviews. This will give you the confidence that you purchase the right juice extractor. Nobody can be an expert in everything so if you can’t invest the time to become a juicer expert then it’s best if you check out what others have to say about specific juicers. This will be of tremendous help to find the top quality juicing machine you can get.

Once you had bought a top quality juicer, then here the some of the healthiest fruit juice you can have.

Strawberry Juice

I love fresh local strawberries in the summertime and fresh frozen in the wintertime. For some reason I don’t use them in cooking. My favorite sundae is a strawberry sundae but I’m not that fond of strawberry ice cream. Go figure! A favorite family summertime dessert is angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whipping cream. Of course, it’s easy to have the same tasty dessert in wintertime with fresh frozen strawberries that have been thawed.

We have a small strawberry bed on the side of our house but we usually buy our strawberries from a local farm or grocery store. The first strawberries of the season are imported from California and then they are available from local Vancouver Island farms in the late summer months. I don’t think I’ve ever seen organic strawberries either locally or imported or know if there is such a thing.

When I was growing up we ate a lot of strawberries, as there is always a plentiful supply in the summertime. My parents always had a strawberry patch or grew strawberries in containers. They still have a few strawberry plants but they often travel to a farm in Cumberland on Vancouver Island. This local farm has the most delicious and tasty large strawberries I have ever tasted.

Red Raspberries Juice

I have a thing for raspberry everything except fresh raspberries. I actually prefer fresh strawberries to fresh raspberries. I have raspberry bushes along our back fence that the previous owners of our home planted. I usually mix the fresh raspberries with strawberries or freeze them for winter to have with angel food cake and whipping cream.

If we have a bumper crop of raspberries, I always make my favorite Raspberry Cream Pie. Our company always loves it and it’s a good way to use up our raspberries. The Raspberry Cream Pie doesn’t last long as it’s made of delicious Cool Whip, raspberry jello, and raspberries folded into a pressed graham wafer pie crust.

I absolutely love raspberry jam and use it in many recipes and at one time I made my own raspberry jam. My hubby loves strawberry jam but my children always preferred raspberry jam. Now that my children have moved out to their own homes, I don’t have to worry about any of my favorite raspberry jam disappearing. I very seldom buy raspberries as they are very expensive and the quality is often poor. We can buy raspberries by the basket or the case like strawberries locally. Occasionally, imported raspberries are available by the basket.

Red Plum Juice

I enjoy many varieties of plums but my absolute favorite are the tiny Red Rosa Plums. They are so sweet and delicious and are quite scarce to buy. I always have to look for them when they are in season or I miss out.

Many varieties of plums are grown in BC in the summer months but I love the little Red Rosa Plums from California. There are a few other varieties of red plums imported from South America that are also delicious. I occasionally buy them but they do not have the same taste. My husband prefers the large purple or prune plums and that’s find with me. My children love all kinds of plums and aren’t too fussy on what variety I buy.

I use the purple prune plums for baking and only enjoy the Red Rosa Plums raw. Little Red Rosa Plums are also a favorite to have in the picnic cooler in the summertime. They are a preferred fruit to take along, as they don’t bruise as easy as other summer fruits.

Red pomegranates juice

I enjoy the taste of pomegranates, either raw or the juice. I buy pomegranate juice in a mixed juice rather than from concentrate. If pomegranate juice wasn’t that expensive, I would buy it more often. Being the frugal person that I am, I can’t see paying the price that the grocery stores charge for this tasty juice.

I have purchased the occasional pomegranate for a treat but my family isn’t fond of them. Pomegranates are quite tasty but you don’t get a whole lot of fruit or juice in a single pomegranate.

When I was growing up pomegranates were not a popular fruit. Today, they are highly recommended for their nutritional and antioxidant properties. Simply put, I wish there was more to a pomegranate and the pomegranate juice was more affordable.

Cranberries Juice

I enjoy the taste of cooked or dried cranberries and cranberry juice but it’s not a fruit my family enjoys very much. One way they will enjoy cranberries is a little bit of cranberry jelly with turkey dinner. My daughter loves her cranberry juice so I often drink it at her home. I therefore don’t buy cranberry juice or cranberries very often. Either one seems to be a favorite when I’m on holiday or traveling.

Fresh Cranberries are grown in the cranberry bogs in the Okanagan Region of BC. My mom always makes her own cranberry sauce from fresh cranberries or freezes the cranberries to make in winter. Dried packaged cranberries are available in the grocery store but I prefer to buy them mixed with nuts like in a trail mix.

I will have to cross-off cranberries as a family favorite. For me, they seems like a treat away from home and one of my favorites is dried cranberries in a spinach salad.

Red Nectarines Juice

My most favorite must have summertime red fruit are Red Nectarines. I buy them by the bag full when they are in season and I prefer them to peaches. They are so sweet and delicious and a family favorite to take for a picnic or to the beach.

Depending on the variety, nectarines are either medium or large in size. The large ones are as big as a large naval oranges but I perfect the medium ones. The medium size nectarines seem sweeter and have a delicious red color. Red Nectarines are grown in the Okanagan of BC and are also imported from California and South America.

I use nectarines instead of peaches in fruit desserts for a unique taste. I also mix nectarines with peaches in a fresh fruit salad in the summertime. I store them in the fridge and take only take out a few to ripen naturally in the fruit bowl on the counter.

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