Why Vintage Items Are Still Popular – Tips for choosing vintage items

There are many of us who enjoy having vintage items, clothing, accessories, decorating items, and collectibles which make fabulous gifts. If you are looking for great vintage gifts then you will find this article useful. We will share plenty of ideas and items to choose from so you can return again and again. The women who loves vintage gifts is more common than we ever realized before. The key to buying vintage is to decide if you are going to buy authentic vintage or replica.

The decision is often different depending on the meaning of the item you are buying. If you want an heirloom quality item then always choose authentic vintage gifts. If you are looking for a look and feel of something (style, color, decorative quality) then a replica will work and will be most often more affordable. Here are some of my favorite vintage items that you can gift to your loved ones.

Vintage Table Lamps
Vintage table Lamp are fabulous for lighting any room of the house, as gifts, and for a special girl’s hope chest gift. You can find adorable Vintage lamp to decorate a guest bathroom, a bookshelf, an entry hall table, or for your favorite reading light when you are curled up with a book. You can find some of the best table lamps in UK on Amazon or at local store in affordable price. They will make beautiful bed side table lights, a buffet table centerpiece in the dining room, or put one on a covered porch with your favorite vintage chair and end table. One of the best ways to give a Vintage Lamp Shade as a gift is with a lamp as well.

But, they are so precious you can give them without a lamp and your friend will be just as delighted to receive it. Handmade oriental style vintage lamp shades make great accent lighting for parties and evenings in with the family. How about the candlelight dinner you are planning or a cozy movie night with friends. This is also a great lamp to give as a gift for teens and women.

Vintage Home Decor Gifts for Women
I still remember the living room, dining room and kitchen at my grandmother’s house. Small trinkets cross my mind from time to time and I remember the things she cherished. The most vivid memories I have are of her guest bedroom. I remember being able to stay in that room ‘by myself’ several times when we would go to visit overnight. I have no idea where my siblings slept…

I have often found myself gravitating toward items from that room, from her house, and feeling as if I can keep a little piece of ‘her’ by adding them to my home over time. The memories are there without the trinkets, but, somehow uncovering something of ‘hers’ in my travels gives me a sense she is somehow helping me to hold on to the most precious memories I have of childhood.

Decorating the home with Vintage Home Decor is another way to keep vintage style close at hand. Bring back nostalgic times and remember days gone by with vintage home decorating items that fit into today’s daily life with classic charm.

Vintage jewellery
Vintage jewelry and vintage inspired jewelry designs for women are always a great addition to any outfit. If you like to add a touch of vintage style to a modern outfit or like to go vintage all the way you are going to love vintage jewelry for women. There are so many vintage jewelry items to choose from and one of the best places to find them is at an eBay auction. You never know what you might find and what a great deal you may get on it. Keep this page bookmarked and check back often for new and unique vintage gifts and jewelry.

Vintage glass bottle
Pair this pink vintage glass bottle vase with your favorite flowers or use as an infuser to bring a fragrance into the home. Dowels and fragrance oils sold separately. Vintage glass was so remarkable in colour choices. Adding a colourful collection of bottles or any glassware gives a vintage decorating plan another element of light as well as function This bottle, for example, could be a flower vase or you can use it to put a beautiful collection of vintage buttons.

How to find vintage items

I’m not good at many things, but I can find treasures among the junk at thrift stores. And sometimes I resell the collectibles I find. Most thrift stores get their inventory donated by people who figure that the stuff is still useful, to someone else. They drop off bags or boxes of stuff, and the workers at the thrift store stick a price tag on it and put it on the shelf for customers to buy.

Some of the donated inventory is better than others. Like most stuff that gets donated, vintage items are a dime a dozen, but there are treasures to be found. I bought this 1960’s pillowcase with all the mod colors of the day and sold it within 2 weeks. Here are a few of my tricks for finding vintage items at thrift stores to resell.

Go to any thrift store and most of the time you’ll see rack after rack (or shelf after shelf) of vintage linens. This can include dresser scarves, doilies, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, tea towels, potholders, pillowcases, sheets, wash cloths, hand towels, bath towels, quilts, and more. When checking out vintage linens, look for clues to “date” items like the tag shown above on this hand towel from the 1970s. Many young people (in their 20s and 30s) love the “mod” look of this style of bath linens, and I’ve sold more than a few towels in the tones of the 1970s like avocado green, orange, yellow, etc. Cool, man.

The pillowcase shown in the introduction sold almost immediately after I listed it for sale. Sometimes people use the fabric from these retro linens to make tote bags, pillows for the sofa, or curtains, so don’t overlook a good piece of funky fabric in whatever form.

When I am checking out stuff on thrift store shelves, I often have no idea what things are. Take this vintage butter curler shown here. When I saw it in the tub of other cooking utensils at a Goodwill, I just liked it. The black and blue paint sang to me! But what was it, I wondered. I got home and looked it up online. I now know what a butter curler looks like and would buy another in a heartbeat, but I listed this guy and sold him.

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