2 Sites, 42 Hours and $5,532 to go!

Our People Not Stones 2013 crowd funding campaign is now less than 48 hours from its conclusion!

Over the past week we’ve witnessed huge support for our cause to alleviate poverty in the communities of Bandurria, Peru and Chotuna-Chornancap, Peru as we broke the $40,000 mark! Throughout the past few days alone our campaign has been chosen among thousands of others to be featured on Team Indiegogo’s blog. The last week of our campaign also saw an article in the Huffington Post featuring the story of Julio Ibarrola, an entrepreneur from the town of SPI’s past project site San Jose de Moro, who has transformed his life from struggling campesino to flourishing artisan. Our goal with People Not Stones 2013 is to repeat this amazing result in Bandurria and Chotuna and empower a new community of entrepreneurs like Julio.

With less than 48 hours and less than $5,550 to reach our goal, please help us with the final push by contributing, sharing and spreading the word about People Not Stones 2013. Join us on our campaign page at midnight tomorrow, Tuesday 26th March to see how we have done and where we go from here!

People Not Stones 2013 – Campaign Update


We’re at Day 10 of our People Not Stones 2013 campaign. So far we have raised an impressive $16,500, that is 33% of our overall goal! We have made it this far with the help of 49 generous contributors who have donated towards our campaign.

We’re extremely grateful to all who have viewed our page, donated to our campaign and helped us spread the word about People Not Stones 2013.

We will continue to update you on our campaign’s progress throughout it’s duration so watch this space!

Photo of the Week


Photo of the Week

We know why this guy seems so happy! He’s just as excited as us about SPI’s upcoming project crowd funding campaign which goes live next week! Our campaign will raise money for our two new project sites; Bandurria and Chotuna-Chornancap. All contributions will help alleviate poverty in these two communities and sustainably preserve the stunning cultural heritage that remains there. With less than a week to Valentine’s Day, why not make a contribution to this worthy cause in the name of a loved one? He already has…!